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 The International Council for Science (ICSU) is a non-governmental organization which is devoted to the advancement in science. Among its many branches is the COSPAR which is an abbreviated term for Committee on Space Research.

 COSPAR has been long established since 1958 with the main objective of providing any advancement in the fields of scientific space research through the gathering, collection, interpretation, and interpolation of data and information all for the progression and development of the latest in space research.

 Indeed, much has been questioned about what is out there and what holds beyond the realm outside of our solar system. We may want to believe that there is actually life, or any similarity of it, in outer space. Thus, COSPAR has been created primarily for this purpose.

 COSPAR has already held different research programs and symposiums all for this objective. It continues to update its discoveries and information regarding on space research by arranging and sponsoring various meetings and productions of professional publications. With this regard, COSPAR holds its annual Scientific Assemblies which provides a perfect avenue for thousands of scientists to come and gather together and discuss related matters about thorough and extensive topics. Prior to such an assembly though, a proposal of the list of meetings can be facilitated and obtained through COSPAR. Currently, it will be holding its 40th Scientific Assembly on August 2-10, 2014 in Moscow, Russia.

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However, to be in particular, the COSPAR Scientific Assembly 29th edition was held on October 21-24, 2008 in Maputo, Mozambique and the following matters were discussed and conferred with:


  • The first resolution expresses the General Assembly’s deep appreciation and gratitude to the Mozambique President H.E. Armando Emilio Guebuza and to Patricio Sande, the president of Scientific Research Association of Mozambique for their generous support made by the representatives of the assembly for their warm welcome to the participants.

  • The second resolution states that the International Polar Year and the Strategic Committee on Information and Data shall be spearheading the planning stage of research programs relating to the research’s program reviews.

  • The third Resolution confers the recognition of the latest information and the technologies in communication which has the ability to revolutionize the manner and conduct of scientific research and education. It also stressed the importance of internet in the advancement of scientific, educational, and technical establishments and institutions especially in the area located in Africa and also around the world.

 In summary, the COSPAR General Assembly 29th edition adopted the abovementioned resolutions for the formation of the new World Data System (WDS) which will replace their previous and long used system of World Data Centers.

 Hopefully, with the resolutions made here together with the rest of the sessions and topics discussed in the previous scientific assemblies and for the succeeding assemblies to come will provide further advancement in the field of space research and development.

 We may have only acquired partial information about what is out there but with COSPAR’s effort, our knowledge will broaden and thus allow us more information and knowledge about what is really out there.